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Cell phones are not just for fun games or fun apps, but they can be used for educational purposes. Schools are talking about if they should allow cell phones in class or not. The school board should allow cell phones in class, not ban. The school board should allow cell phones in class, because they make it easier on assignment help in Canada for students to study and get work done, and assist teachers control their classes noise level.

Do Phones Provide Assignment Help for Students in Canada?

First of all, cell phones being allowed in class would make it easier on assignments for students. According to Andrea Leyden the author of GoConqr cell phones make it easier when you need to make a video or take picture for an assignment help in Canada. Nowadays in class we use a lot of technology to do online assignment help in Cada, so this will assist a bunch. Cellphones also make it easier when you need to edit things for a class. Cellphones are a good option if you need to do a voice recording like a book report, or a voice over for a writing you wrote. When doing any phones come in handy as an assignment helper to get them done easier and faster.

Music Also Helps With Assignments

Secondly, speaking of getting work done faster cell phones assist that situation too. GoConqr also says that cells phones can help students study and get work done faster by listening to music. When students listen to music it blocks out other noises or people trying to distract them. Cell phones also provide apps were you can study, like flash cards or other resources to assist college students remember their testing questions. Last thing is on a smartphone you can review something. For example before a test or exam you can pull up something on your phones and study it.

No Only The Canadian Students, But Also Teachers

Finally, cellphones don’t just help students, they also help teachers. GoConqr says cellphones help teachers keep the noise level low, because there is now an app that tells you how loud the noise is during class. Also, once again music helps people stay quiet when other people are working so that they would not distract them by talking to them. Last thing is usually when students read paper books they have an urge to talk to someone, but with a phone you can have an ebook so the person is distracted by listening the book or reading it digitally.

Now, some say these reason don’t matter the school should still not allow cellphones in the classroom. They say cellphones should not be allowed, because they are a distraction. Cellphones can be a distraction in class, but neaToday states that Vilson, who uses different devices in the class room, is confident that phones would not provide much more of a distraction than students already have. This states that phones can be a distraction, but people say cell phones won’t add more destruction than what students already have.


In conclusion, we at AssignmentCanadaHelp are sure that schools need to allow cellphones in class. They help students get help with assignments done easier, they help students study, and help teachers control the noise level. All of this shows that cell phones need to be allowed in class. What do you think yes they need to be allowed or no phones should not be allowed.

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